HI My name is JimmyB. I’ve been a musician in Kansas City for twelve years playing mostly in my hard rock band Amadius (ah-mah-dee-us). I recently got kicked out of American Idol in Season 8 and that was the start of this group. Project DNA on October 27th, 2008. My beautiful wife gave me the go ahead to finance my own album. I needed to finalize my music and find a group outside of the hard rockers. GOD provided and connected me to some of the most talented musicians in the midwest and I was able to start tracking on December 1st 2008 at Awestruck Studios. This music if it has to be categorized should be called nostalgic-pop-rock. If you are in the area and or hear of us coming to your town
not only will you get to see me but you’ll get to see Beaver
and the rest of the Beaver Howard Band which is truly a
sight to be seen.  Will see you all soon.  God Bless