Both Rob and Kristy are experienced voice teachers that provide private voice instruction and performance development to select students.  Classes are taught at their home office ссылка на гидру in a specially dedicated music room. All aspects of instruction are taught on an academic level and include:  voice development, song choice, performance techniques, music history, hair, make-up, even the business aspects of the music industry. For those students who excel, management representation and booking are also available under Robert Allen Music Company’s corporate umbrella.
Professional workshops expand the vocal experience. Students of this instruction learn from legalrc com Rob and Kristy’s expertise and from each other within the confines of a planned agenda. These sessions are fun, fulfilling and further broaden the students’ capabilities. Additionally, Robert Allen Music Company provides guidance, training and production services for audio/video projects and marketing materials for artists.
Are you on the road and need a vocal tune-up? Robert Allen Music Company has the expertise to help you sharpen your skills to make that next gig your very best. Their feedback and professional consultations can help you or your entire band improve your persona, image and voice.
Robert Allen Music Company also assists in placement of musicians and vocalists looking for a home within a performing band or group. Through the years, they have been called on to match the right person to the right music group when a replacement or addition is needed.