Benjamin Todd has developed his musical talents to a level that compares with that of a seasoned professional. Being involved in music nearly all of his life, Benjamin has become recognized as an accomplished vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. With a love for music that is clearly demonstrated when he performs, Benjamin has become one of the brightest new stars in entertainment. His charismatic appeal and musical expertise, generates excitement in the hearts of his audiences and places him in demand for multiple venues.

For years, his musical talents have been showcased in a variety of venues throughout the United States and he has performed both as a solo artist and band member with more than one popular musical group. Of all his talents, his noteworthy guitar playing stands out head and shoulders above some of the most gifted guitarist in the music через гидру arena today. Though professionally trained, Benjamin has a natural ear for music and his approach and application of guitar is truly one of his best features.
The lyrical content and hooks in his original song compositions are also unique and are filled with the marks legalrc отзывы of a unique artist. His versatility in songwriting is also something that has been called upon by other popular artist needing a co-writer to help make the difference in a perfectly finished song.
It is with great pleasure to introduce one of America’s newest and multi-talented artists Benjamin Todd.
Biography by: Rob Allen President of Robert Allen Music Company

Benjamin Todd